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When it comes to being successful as a creative firm, it takes much more than stellar design, savvy programming and solid profit margins to survive. To think that a creative firm can possibly continue to grow and prosper and develop return business on such attributes alone is unrealistic. To survive, a creative firm must maintain an ongoing connection with its clients; above all, it must offer them great customer service. Without good customer care even the hottest creative studio will soon become yesterday’s news. No customers = no business.

But what exactly is customer service? Well, Wikipedia defines it as “the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase; a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction” – that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectations.”

So who within the firm is responsible for ensuring customer expectations are met? Is it the Account Executive, or the Client Services Manager? The answer is simple; it’s everyone’s responsibility – it’s a team effort. Whether a team member is client-facing or not, each and every member of the team has a responsibility to the client to do what’s best for the good of the project. Their area of expertise and how they apply it is Customer Service.

Customer service can start at the front desk; whether in-person or over the phone, the manner in which a client is greeted helps set the tone. Making a client feel comfortable and welcomed as they’re introduced to the right team member is the tip of the iceberg.

Customer service is the level of detail the designers put in their layouts; it’s the added effort that’s put into each and every item placed on the page. It’s reworking a design until it’s just right as per the creative brief.

It’s about the thought that goes into a well-executed site map, the web code that works flawlessly regardless of the browser it’s viewed in, it’s making the client’s website pixel perfect – that’s customer service.

Many times it’s going above and beyond the call of duty, knowing that the headline copy created for that ad just isn’t right, and that it needs another rewrite. It’s giving 110% on every aspect of every project we work on – at times perhaps affecting our short-term profitability, but in the long run gaining our clients’ trust and loyalty far exceeds immediate goals.

Loyal clients won’t be afraid to come to you when there is a problem they need solved and they won’t think twice about recommending you to their network of friends and colleagues.

Customer Service can make or break our business. When customer service is high customer satisfaction will be even higher and that’s perfect for any business. It’s important to remember that our customers are what keep us in business. A satisfied customer in many ways becomes a sales person for the firm. “Call Red Rocket, they’re great to work with!”

Great customer service has so many benefits: increased sales, repeat business, customer loyalty…the list goes on, but the satisfaction we get as individuals, knowing we’ve made a difference to our clients with the level of customer service we provide is what keeps our team coming back for more every day.

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