Digital Marketing ROI Using Old-School Tactics

November, 9 2015

When it comes to marketing your business, there are so many options to choose from: in-bound, paid search advertising, SEO, traditional display advertising, social media, TV, radio, direct marketing and directory advertising are just a few of the techniques to embrace. Knowing how your prospects are responding to these different tactics is an essential element of optimizing any campaign and stretching your marketing budget. It is more complex than simply knowing how many people are visiting your website. In my opinion lead generation should be the metric by which you should measure success. I believe you need to know how many people are contacting you, becoming true leads, and actually converting into customers.

I believe you need to know how many people are contacting you, becoming true leads, and actually converting into customers.

 There are many software solutions that track the effectiveness of digital campaigns, but one that has caught my attention is a combination of old-school (telephone calls) and new-school (digital marketing.) Traditionally, you were unable to track lead generation outside of a purely digital environment. This new system is capable of tracking the entire sales funnel process from initial contact to when they (a prospect) become an actual customer, even if the prospect uses a telephone as their method of contact. This isn’t revolutionary, but is smart tool to include in your chest of tricks.

The system generates unique telephone numbers that are applied to each of your advertising tactics. The numbers are redirected to your switchboard. When a prospect calls you, the system captures the marketing source and detailed lead information like their name, phone number, date, and exact times they’re contacting you, and puts it all in a lead list. You’ll know which marketing sources are most effective at bringing leads (and customers) to your business, as well as important insights so you can make better business and marketing decisions.

Not only does the system track the marketing sources of all your new contacts, but it also records every phone call that comes from your unique telephone numbers. whether they are embedded on your website’s contact page or appear in analog tactics like billboards, radio, etc. You’ll know the time of the call and call length, and be able to play back the call recordings. You’ll know how well your staff handles incoming calls and learn exactly what your leads are looking for from your business. With the system’s call recording capabilities, you can provide call coaching to your staff and access information from your leads - information that will help you to close more business.

This data is integrated with digital tactics. Anytime someone calls or completes a web form associated with your tracked marketing sources, the system captures the source of that new contact and provides it in easy-to-read ROI reports. These real-time reports, which you can access any time, anywhere via the web or mobile app, clearly show what percent of your leads came from which sources, so you finally know what works. They also detail how well you’re converting new contacts into leads and customers, and provide estimated revenue from your new customers. With these insights, you’ll know exactly which marketing sources are working to drive prospects and leads to your business, so you can focus your marketing dollars on the solutions that most effectively drive leads and customers

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Perry Boeker

Principal & Marketing Strategist A results-driven creative thinker, Perry is a marketing management professional with a proven record of achievement in Strategic Planning, Team Leadership, and New Concepts Development.