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Perry Boeker

Principal & Marketing Strategist A results-driven creative thinker, Perry is a marketing management professional with a proven record of achievement in Strategic Planning, Team Leadership, and New Concepts Development.


What Makes the Corporate Brand Naming Process Successful?
By Perry Boeker on August 9, 2018

Choosing the right name for your company isn’t easy. First of all, you may have a myriad of ideas, and not know which direction to go in. Add that to the fact that your colleagues will...

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Why Rebrand a Company: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself
By Perry Boeker on July 19, 2018

Wondering if you should rebrand your company? Then you’re in the right place. Today, I want to share five questions you should ask yourself to determine if you need a rebrand.

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B2B Sales: Why customer service is the new selling
By Perry Boeker on March 22, 2018

Recently I read an article advising on sales performance that stated: “The days of ‘A-B-C’ are over.”

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What Do I Need to Know When Choosing an SEO Company?
By Perry Boeker on November 30, 2017

SEO huh? Are you getting value or bamboozled? Search Engine Optimization is about doing business properly. Think about how you do your thing. When you do it right, you get the reward....

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A Simple System to Help You Design the Perfect Annual Report
By Perry Boeker on October 25, 2017

Does your annual report present your annual figures in a concise and transparent manner? Does it explain your management strategy in a compelling and credible way?Does it act as a...

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Corporate Communications

13 Step Design Process that Results in a Great Brochure
By Perry Boeker on October 19, 2017

OK, you’ve been tasked with developing a brochure. Do you use a design template, or do you generate a unique solution? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. To help you make a...

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Web Design

How to Attract Corporate Sponsors for Your Association
By Perry Boeker on June 13, 2017

Many associations today are faced with the challenge of how to attract corporate sponsors. Our client, Skate Canada BC/Yukon, is an example of a real success story in this regard. They...

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Corporate Communications

Membership Engagement Strategy: Essentials for Success
By Perry Boeker on June 6, 2017

Membership engagement strategy is a hot topic among association administrators and nonprofit leadership. And it’s no wonder. Associations and non-profits today face many challenges,...

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5 Questions to Ask When Building your Member Value Proposition
By Perry Boeker on May 30, 2017

At a recent event hosted by a non-profit organization, I had the good fortune to catch up with a friend who serves on the organization’s board. Our discussion quickly turned to the...

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How to Generate Leads From Your Website
By Perry Boeker on August 18, 2016

Great, you’ve built an amazing website! It is one of the first essentials steps for showcasing who you are in a meaningful manner to your audience. Once it's been launched, then what?

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