7 Engaging Content Ideas to Fuel Influence for Cleantech Brands

September, 7 2023

Are you having trouble capturing the attention of your target audience within the hydrogen and fuel cell industry? Is your online presence falling short of your expectations? To make a name for yourself in today's competitive landscape, it's crucial for hydrogen and fuel cell companies to establish themselves as thought leaders and influencers online.

In this blog, we'll reveal a wealth of content ideas that will not only draw more visitors to your website but also effectively captivate and influence your stakeholders. Let's dive in!

Developing a Content Strategy That Speaks to Your Stakeholders And Prospects

Before embarking on building out content, it is essential to devise a comprehensive content strategy. This strategy should address the following questions:

Audience & Value Proposition

  1. Who are we trying to reach our messaging to? Who is the audience? Is it policymakers, communities, OEM’s, general public?
  2. What are our product’s value proposition points for each of these audiences?

Impact of Content

  1. How will this content address pain points and sustainability challenges specific to these audiences?
  2. How does this content support your efforts to build and engage a clean energy community?
  3. How does it showcase your technology as the solution to help your community and stakeholders achieve their sustainability goals?

By addressing these points, your content is relevant to your audience and becomes a tool to position your company as a thought leader in the zero-emission space.

Formats, Channels and Content Ideas to Fuel Engagement

Blogging: Sharing Insights and Expertise

Blogs are a pathway to educational and evergreen content. Craft articles that address stakeholders' challenges and discuss advancements in hydrogen and fuel cell technology. Cover topics such as the green economy, sustainability policies, and how your technology can mitigate climate change. Educate prospects about your approach to climate change with in-depth explanations. 

Take inspiration from the success of one of our clients, BayoTech, who met their audience's interests with insightful articles about their technology and visions for a sustainable economy.

Blogs also serve as a platform to establish thought leadership, similar to Ballard Power Systems' insightful pieces that address air pollution, climate change, and sustainability while presenting fuel cell technology as the ultimate solution.


Videos: Visual Storytelling for Impact

Leverage the power of videos to narrate your company's story to stakeholders and prospects. Ensure that each video aligns with your overarching content and business strategy. Tailor your videos to suit the platform—keep them short and snappy for social media, while going more in-depth for YouTube or your website. Engage your audience visually and emotionally, bringing your technology's potential to life.


Infographics: Simplifying Complexity

Distill complex information into easily digestible infographics. The human brain retains visual content remarkably well, making infographics a potent tool for conveying your message. Create engaging visuals that communicate intricate data, making it easier for stakeholders to comprehend and share. 

According to Hubspot's research, infographics are shared three times more often than any other visual content on social media. The perfect topic for infographics would be: Hydrogen Policy and Government Support, Infrastructure Development, Production Methods, Environmental Impact and many more.


Gated Content: Grow Your Subscriber List

Offer valuable insights to your audience through gated content, which can be accessed in exchange for visitors' email addresses. Develop industry reports, whitepapers, templates, and datasheets that address the challenges faced by prospects and stakeholders. Our success in growing Ballard Power Systems' active email list is a testament to the impact of offering a library of high-quality, valuable content.

Webinars: Interactive Learning Experiences

Webinars provide an immersive platform for sharing knowledge and engaging with your audience. The interactive nature of webinars allows participants to ask questions and provide real-time feedback. Collaborate with industry experts to host webinars that showcase your thought leadership and delve into topics relevant to your stakeholders.

Case Studies: Showcasing Impact

Boost your credibility by sharing case studies that showcase the positive impact of your technology. Present success stories of your partners, detailing how your solution helped them overcome challenges. Including testimonials can add a human touch to your accomplishments. For example, you could publish interview videos featuring partners sharing their positive experiences.

Free Consultation: Building Trust

Although not exactly online content, offering free consultations on your website can be immensely beneficial. A consultation provides an opportunity to understand prospects' pain points, fostering trust and initiating a productive relationship.

Must have: Building Relationships on Social Media

After your content is ready, social media becomes a critical platform for sharing and connecting with stakeholders and the broader hydrogen and fuel cell community. Take advantage of the personal and engaging nature of social media to start conversations, build relationships, and increase the reach of your content.


Now equipped with these seven content ideas, you can embark on a journey of engagement and influence within the hydrogen and fuel cell industry. Start small by picking a content type and letting your creative juices flow. Use your content to showcase how your technology aligns with sustainability goals and community aspirations. As you progress, your content will become the cornerstone of your marketing strategy, forging lasting relationships with stakeholders and prospects alike. Embrace the potential of content to fuel your journey towards becoming an industry thought leader and influencer. Are you ready to make your mark?


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Perry Boeker

Principal & Marketing Strategist A results-driven creative thinker, Perry is a marketing management professional with a proven record of achievement in Strategic Planning, Team Leadership, and New Concepts Development.