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Great, you’ve built an amazing website! It is an essential first step in showcasing who you are, as a business, to your audience. Congratulations, your new website has been launched. What comes next? You need to attract people to your website. This takes work. People, normally don’t stumble upon your website. They come there with purpose.

Attracting people to a website has two distinct purposes:

1. Awareness and Distribution (of your brand)
2. Sales/business leads + lead generation

If one of your overall marketing goals is to generate high-quality leads from your website you want to think first about how to drive traffic to your website so people can learn about your offering. Then, if compelled, they start a dialogue with your company and you can work productively with your sales team to close the deal!

How to Generate Leads From Your Website

Attracting people to your website can happen in many forms depending on where the visitor is at in the buyer’s journey.  When the buyer is just browsing to find a solution to solve their questions, they may download a resourceful document (a white paper for example), read or share a blog, or join your video webinars, or read through a case study. And if they are ready to move on to learn more about your company’s offering, they may request more information.

In the end, the visitor receives a view of how your expertise/product can make their life easier and their business more successful.

1. Keep Your Content Marketing Strategy Updated

We believe an essential issue is about keeping your website content fresh and meaningful. Google, Yahoo, and Bing reward those companies whose websites have current and relevant content with higher ranking in organic search listings. This makes sense. Everyone is looking for the most accurate and up-to-date information when browsing. If yours is more appropriate than your competitors', then the traffic will end up on your site.

Keeping your website fresh requires effort. It is a garden that needs constant nurturing (and even some fertilizer every now and then).

2. Distribute your Content and Get People to your Site

You need to establish a content marketing strategy and provide frequency to its distribution. By doing so you are taking steps towards creating a powerful and engaging website that truly supports your online lead generation efforts. Once a person becomes aware of your offering they need to be nurtured.

Even the most ardent gardeners also believe in fertilizing. Fertilizing comes in the form of web marketing that further drives traffic to your website. Unlike traditional advertising, that is industry or demographic specific, today’s web tools allow us to be extremely particular about who sees your advertisement through a process called Programmatic Buying. It leverages not one, two or three attributes of consumers’ behaviour to deliver a message, but instead employs literally millions of data points to understand all the subtle variations of dynamic consumer segments. We can place ads in front of prospective buyers who already have a relationship with you.  

3. Build a Solid Online Marketing Strategy

We have discovered that many companies run lean operations these days and do not have the dedicated resources to “tend to the garden” and “craft/execute” successful web marketing campaigns. A recent Deloitte survey reported that over 60% of small to medium-sized businesses would outsource their digital presence.

Managing and generating fresh content for your website is essential. This involves establishing a schedule that aligns with budget and resource allocations of your digital content strategy. Creating and executing a progressive laser targeted digital ad campaign that reaches high-potential business leads in specific geographic areas.

We also feel it is critical that the web marketing efforts ladder up into a company’s CRM tool and be quantifiable. With proven success, more marketing budget can be easily justified. With proper planning and execution combined with constant evaluation (to provide ROI metrics), we know companies can be successful in the new age of online marketing.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to build your website and a digital presence to capture quality leads?  Make sure to download the playbook below, which will help consolidate your points so you can focus on achieving your outcome. 

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How to Sell Digital Marketing to Your Boss (Powerpoint Template)

Download this powerpoint template to help convince your stakeholders to leverage digital marketing solution as part of your lead generation program. 

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