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18 Nov | 2016

Why do consumers choose one brand over the other? What do most people think of when you mention big corporate brands like Apple or Nike?

Many neurological studies have shown that people make subconscious decisions when choosing one product over the other. This is why it's vital for brands to effectively communicate and connect with potential customers in a memorable way.

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17 Nov | 2016

We live in the Digital Age, where the evolution of technology has created new marketing mediums, taking over traditional print media’s place—or has it? Today’s B2B brand marketing strategies still rely heavily on traditional printed marketing materials to provide sales reps with company collateral they need for effective selling. Whether it’s brochures, flyers, fact sheets, buyers guides, or business cards, your clients value the content offering and the tangible accessibility of objects. Not only do printed collateral make effective memory joggers, they also target specific business needs, such as: conference brochures, event banners, and promotional products. Printed marketing materials are not going away anytime soon! Let’s look at the top two basic printed B2B marketing tools that carve out your company’s brand messaging and why they’re so important.

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22 Jun | 2015

Many people and businesses underestimate the importance of social media. The benefits of social media marketing include brand awareness, brand loyalty, receiving instant feedback from your customers, sharing content easier and faster, generating more leads for a low cost, learning about your customers and much more.

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  • Web Project Manager Audrey is an experienced web technologist. Her favourite technologies are Opensource, Agile, and Open Space technologies. She loves to find a way to bring diverse skillsets together to deliver a project on budget that exceeds customer expectations. Her experience in leading major web projects, a track record of exceptional customer service, plus a commitment to community development allow her to add long-term value to a client’s web brand.
  • Lead Front-End Web Developer Caroline comes to us from Paris, France where she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia from the Institut d’Etudes Supérieures des Arts. A talented interactive designer / developer, Caroline contributes both left and right brain smarts to all of Red Rocket’s interactive assignments.

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He's an expert in using traditional and online media to elevate corporate visibility and deliver bottom-line results.
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  • Commmunications Designer Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Advertising and Graphic Design, Kane has travelled all the way from the shores of Western Australia to join the Red Rocket Creative team. A talented, multidisciplinary designer with several years of industry experience, Kane consistently delivers well researched, strategic and innovative design solutions to each of his clients.
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  • Office Administrator Sangeet comes to Red Rocket with a Diploma in Financial Management from BCIT and is currently working towards her Degree in Business Administration. Her primary goal is to keep the office running smoothly, while keeping her coworkers cheerful.
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  • Writer Terry Dove, writer. Terry is an industry veteran with nearly three decades of writing and communications experience, particularly for the resource and investment sectors. With a Canadian Securities Course designation, a B.Sc in marketing and MFA in creative writing, he brings a unique blend of education, skills and experience to our team. Before joining Red Rocket, he owned and operated Dove Communications Inc. (2000-2012) and Rainier Communications Inc. (1990-2000).
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