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Angela Dallin

Art Director Angela takes every project through a demanding creative process, beginning with research and analysis, continuing to brainstorming and conceptualization, before presenting her design solution. She is a highly creative and pragmatic team player. With a broad range of creative experience, Angela has the ability to see even the most difficult design challenge to completion.


How to Align Your Brand After Corporate Structure Changes
By Angela Dallin on August 12, 2020

Parent companies. Subsidiaries. Daughter companies. Expanded product offerings. Spinoffs. All of these corporate structure changes impact your brand, and peoples’ perception of it. 

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Web Design

Three Covid-19 Updates For Your Website
By Angela Dallin on April 17, 2020

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses know it’s important to communicate clearly about their response, and update their website regularly. 

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How to Stand Out by Improving Your Brand Identity System
By Angela Dallin on January 21, 2020

A compelling and memorable brand identity system makes it easier for customers to choose your product or service. It differentiates you. It helps customers understand the features and...

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How to Conduct a Brand Audit — Step-by-Step
By Angela Dallin on July 4, 2019

Your brand is the emotional and psychological connection your customers have with your company, product or service. It’s their collective perception and impression.  Because it’s shaped...

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Corporate Communications

Greener Annual Report Design in 3 Easy Steps
By Angela Dallin on September 13, 2018

Is your company thinking about greener annual report design this year? This may be especially important to you if business and stakeholders have strong values around sustainability. ...

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Packaging & 3D Design

The Importance of Packaging Design
By Angela Dallin on October 31, 2017

There has been more attention given to packaging design in recent years, as companies are realizing that attractive packaging equals increased sales. Think about it: when you are picking...

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Tips from a Vancouver User Experience Designer: The UX Design Process
By Angela Dallin on July 20, 2017

Meet our Vancouver in-house user experience designer Angela Dallin, who has over 10 years  experience in designing websites that convert. In the following post, Angela will walk you...

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What is a brand?
By Angela Dallin on October 6, 2016

The word “brand” has entered into almost everyone’s vocabulary. But if you were to ask people “what is a brand?” you’d get a variety of answers. It’s one of those words whose meaning can...

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Flexible Brand Identity Systems
By Angela Dallin on September 29, 2016

Because of the explosion of the digital world in recent years, it is necessary for modern brands to become more responsive, more interactive and more social. Today the consumer has the...

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Finishing and Printing Options to Make Your Brochure Design Stand Out
By Angela Dallin on July 21, 2016

If you're planning on creating a brochure to build brand awareness, or to increase sales, or to announce a new product or service, you're probably wondering what you can do to ensure a...

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