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Sangeet Anand

Director of Digital Marketing Sangeet draws on her business background, creativity and technical know-how to deliver innovative marketing solutions for a variety of our clients.

Business Strategy

Where Do You Want to Be After Covid-19?
By Sangeet Anand on May 2, 2020

Though it’s hard to predict when, we can be sure that current social distancing measures will end at some point. Businesses will reopen, people will go back to eating in restaurants,...

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Inbound Marketing

Connecting With Your Community During Covid-19
By Sangeet Anand on April 3, 2020

Many brands are unsure what to do during the Covid-19 crisis. In the span of two weeks, their campaigns, messaging, and strategy became irrelevant. They don’t want to be silent, yet they...

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Inbound Marketing

Helping Your Brand and Marketing Succeed: Build Effective Personas
By Sangeet Anand on August 27, 2019

Think about the last marketing campaign that made you think, “How did they know?” For me, it was the New York Times’ most recent subscription drive. Their simple, well-targeted messaging...

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Web Design

B2B Brand Awareness or Lead Gen? Why Your Website Should Address Both [Interview]
By Sangeet Anand on May 23, 2019

Is your website getting the attention it needs? If not, it’s time to revisit your design strategy. People often think of websites as having a single goal: brand awareness or lead generation...

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Why is Local SEO Important for B2B Companies?
By Sangeet Anand on January 25, 2018

When assessing your online presence, your website is a key factor, but surely not the only one. A nicely designed website is important, but if no one can find it, much of the time and money...

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